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Mineralogical Museum of Semproniano - Semproniano - Il Monte Amiata


Piazza del Popolo -


The Mineralogical Museum was born thanks to the interest of private individuals and offers an excellent selection of minerals from all over the world, but mostly those that are local and national. It is one part of the Parco Museo delle Miniere dell’Amiata and dedicated entirely to mineralogy.
The museum is divided in three rooms and samples are classified according to the geography of their original home with information panels on their composition, the origins of the minerals,
geomorphology of the territory and an explanation of the process of extracting the minerals from Monte Amiata and the surrounding area.


The price of the ticket includes:
•               informational material
•               guided visit
Notes on activities additional to the visit and booking:
•               interactive courses in the museum, for children and families, with sensory tests and group games involving research and identification.
•               active visits, visiting the museum and then the mining sites and places characteristic of the area.


More than offering a cultural attraction, the museum, in collaboration with  l'Associazione culturale La Piazzoletta, organises events, meetings and interactive outings for educational and social institutions.



Accessibility disabled

Not accessible


Summer opening hours:
Friday                15:00/19:00
Saturday           09:00/13:00           15:00/19:00
Sunday              10:00/13:00

Winter opening hours:
Friday                14:00/18:00
Saturday           09:00/13:00           14:00/18:00
Sunday              10:00/13:00

Open August 15th 
Midweek visits on reservatio for schools or groups only (min 4 people)


From 1 July 2017 with a single ticket you can access 7 museums

Museum Full ticket * Reduced ticket **
Exhibition section of Centro Studi D. Lazzaretti (Acidosso)*** € 5,00 € 3,00
Art collection of Palazzo Nerucci (Castel del Piano) € 5,00 € 3,00
House Museum of Monticello Amiata (Cinigiano) € 5,00 € 3,00
Ethnographic Museum (Roccalbegna) € 5,00 € 3,00
Mercury Mines Museum (Santa Fiora) € 5,00 € 3,00
Museum of Oil (Seggiano) € 5,00 € 3,00
Mineralogical Museum (Semproniano) € 5,00 € 3,00

 * Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
 ** Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
*** With the same ticket you can also access the museum of the Middle Ages and MACO

a unique ticket is available for visitors throughout the season
and thus until 31/12/2017 for the visit of all the above mentioned museum
facilities under the conditions indicated in the following table.

Unique Ticket of Access to all the museums listed above FULL REDUCED
€ 10,00 € 5,00

REDUCED: young people under the age of 18, 
students under the age of 25, over 65 years, 
families and accompanying people with disabilities.


Info and reservations: 347 3535346    348.5918616
  download the PDF version

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