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Museum Association of Sovana and San Mamiliano - Sorano - La regione dei Tufi


Piazza del Pretorio - Sovana


The museum of San Mamiliano houses objects found in votive deposits at the entrance of the “Via Cava”, or excavated road, known as “Via Cavone”, including twenty ceramic finds depicting parts of the human body, male and female puppets and terracotta wombs. The most striking piece of the collection is a small vase containing 498 solid gold coins, found at a depth of more than two metres under the current level of the ground.


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29 March - 6 October 10-13, 15-19; 7 October - 3 November 10-13 and 15-18; Weekend of 8th December, and 26 December - 6 January inclusive: 10-13 14-17. Closed Wednesday (Except holidays and the month of August).


full € 2.00; € 8.00 combined ticket includes "City of Tufa" Archaeological Park, Museum of the Middle Ages and Fort Orsini, and the Sovana Museum Complex with the Museum of San Mamiliano.


Director: Lara Arcangeli
Info and reservations: 0564.614074


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