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Natural History Museum of Maremma - Grosseto - Grosseto e la pianura


strada Corsini n. 5 - centro storico


The museum is a cultural centre and a place for dialogue between the scientific community and the public, through guided tours, educational activities, special projects, exhibitions, conferences, conventions. The rooms of the museum have two main themes: a discussion based on systematic or chronological criteria and a descriptive approach to habitats and their ecological relationships. In both cases, the exhibits are free of static presentation and arranged in a more modern and communicative manner. The contemporary use of diverse exhibition forms (e.g. panels, showcases, dioramas and multimedia) forms a complex communication model, differentiated by subject and type of user. Along the exhibition route there is detailed information on the samples displayed and insights on topics of general interest. This allows a simultaneous and a comprehensive discussion of the specific environmental contexts, without sacrificing description of general topics, often in preparation for the proper understanding of other concepts. Another cornerstone of the museum arrangement are the educational islands, important elements of support and exploration to supplement the simple guided tour. These islands are physically distinct spaces from the rest of the exhibition facilities, within which students can learn about specific issues and develop their knowledge with direct experience, through the manipulation of samples. The museum is equipped with a rich specialized library accessible on request and on the internet, and also publishes the annual scientific journal “Proceedings of the Natural History Museum of Maremma”.


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Winter opening hours
(01/01 – 14/06;   16/09 - 31/12)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sunday and holidays
Closed on Monday

Summer opening hours
(15/06 - 15/09)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
10.00-13.00 and 17.00-20.00
Sunday and holidays
Closed on Monday


Full: € 5.00; reduced: € 3.00 (university students with student card, groups of 15 people or more, service personnel in uniform or with ID card, journalists with passes, ICOM members, associations with special agreements; schoolchildren: € 2.00 per pupil; families (2 adults + child/children under 6): € 12.00; free entry: children under 6, over 65s, tourist guides and teachers with ID or accompanying groups, one per group of 15 people, FREE ENTRY FOR ALL during the week of scientific culture or similar events promoted by the museum for study or research documented by schools or universities, academies or Italian or foreign research institutes.


Director: Andrea Sforzi
Info and reservations: 0564/488571    0564/488749
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