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Tour of the ancient village of Lake Accesa and the lakeside

Tour of the ancient village of Lake Accesa and the lakeside

After parking in the village of Pesta, the tour runs along the Bruna river until you reach a wooden fence on the left: the starting point of an upward path.
From there you will start the tour of the necropolis and of the archaic Etruscan village of Lake Accesa, composed of five different districts, in which you can still see the stone base of the houses.

The district A is the first you will encounter. Subsequently, the trail goes up into the wood and leads you to the district B. Along the path you can also see different types of Etruscan tombs: tombs in the shape of a pit, surrounded by a circle of stones, and tumulus-type tombs. Then the path goes down to the district D at first and finally to the district C, the nearest to the lake. 
All the artefacts and funeral goods found during the archaeological research are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima.
At the end of the tour you will reach the shore of the fascinating Lake Accesa with its crystal clear water.

Type of itinerary:  
Walking route

4 km

2 hours

Height difference:


Gps track: