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In Pitigliano an exhibition on Etruscan fantastic animals

from 16/07/2021 to 30/09/2021

The 'Enrico Pellegrini' Civic Archaeological Museum of Etruscan Civilization in Pitigliano hosts from Sunday 18 July (inaugurated as part of the regional program of Le Notti dell'Archeologia), to 19 September, the exhibition entitled "Lions, Sirens and Sphinxes. Animals. fantastic Etruscans and where to find them ". The exhibition winds through the main Etruscan cities controlled by Vulci, located along the flow of the Fiora river, including Pitigliano, and is dedicated to the particular animalistic representations so popular in Etruscan times. Thanks to this thematic itinerary it is possible to visit three archaeological parks and four museums: the Città del Tufo Archaeological Park; the Ancient Castro Archaeological Park; the Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Vulci; the civic museums of Pitigliano, Ischia di Castro, Canino and Montalto di Castro.

From the  "monsters'' depicted on the newsstands of the chamber tombs of Sovana, among which the sirens and winged demons certainly stand out, and the one recently opened to the public, called the Lions, we move to nearby Pitigliano, where, at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Etruscan Civilization '' Enrico Pellegrini '' it is possible to see the Winged Lion, the latest discovery made in the northern necropolis of Vulci and for the first time exposed to the public after a conservative restoration. In this city, starting from the last decades of the seventh century BC, the custom of decorating the external elevations of the tombs of the noble classes with statues in nenfro spread in the necropolis, mostly depicting real or fantastic animals: lions, panthers, rams , horses, seahorses and semi-human creatures, such as the sphinxes (half woman, half lion) or centaurs (half man and half horse), whose original stylistic and iconographic models were of oriental and Greek derivation.
At the Pitigliano Museum, the statue of nenfro, already among the five most important archaeological discoveries in the world, nominated in 2019 for the `` Special Award '' (Award dedicated to the memory of Khaled al-Asaad, director of the archaeological site of Palmira, barbarously killed by a group of jihadists in 2015), is accompanied by a selection of Etruscan-Corinthian ceramics found in the necropolis of Poggio Buco, with iconographic subjects that recall the mythological world, fantastic and real animals, among which the representations stand out for their number of lions and panthers. Other pieces of archaic vulcente statuary can be admired at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Ischia di Castro and at the Castro necropolis, at the Museum of Scientific Research of Canino, in Vulci, where an equipped path has recently been opened that also allows those who have difficulty motor to easily reach the important sepulcher. The tour ends in Montalto di Castro, where a large group of statues from the Vulcent necropolis are visible. Info: + 39 0564614067 or + 39 3885724861, e-mail:

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