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At the Polo Aldi in Saturnia the exhibition "Maremma, Landscapes 1870 - 2020"

from 01/11/2021 to 09/01/2022

A story in images through the colors and the most famous places of the Maremma: this is the common thread of the exhibition “Maremma. Landscapes 1870-2020 ", visible at Polo Aldi in Saturnia, piazza Vittorio Veneto 19, from 27 June 2021 to 9 January 2022. An exhibition that combines works by artists from 1870 to today, united by the love for our land, in whose protagonist is nature, represented through the subjective point of view of individual painters  The landscape - which is produced by the activity of nature and man - in Maremma is the protagonist more than anywhere else. Here, in fact, the very rarefied human presence, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, has favored and spread the image of a desolate and wild place, as Dante outlined in Hell (XIII, 2-8) and which lasted until the twentieth century .

Since the end of the nineteenth century, also thanks to the containment of malaria, the Maremma has clearly softened its harsh character which also attracted the first romantic travelers in search of the ancient Etruscan inhabitants. Now it offers a variety of landscapes - from the sea to rivers and the lagoon, from the coast to the plains and hills - where the hand of man is, fortunately, more in agricultural works than in urban, industrial or infrastructural construction.

Colors and atmospheres of this Maremma, no longer wild and inhospitable but sweet and man-made as it became since the end of the nineteenth century, are represented with different accents and techniques by the artists who were born and lived there or who - today - love it. Starting from the unpublished studies from life by Pietro Aldi - who, faithful to academic teaching, was essentially a painter of history, but transposed the beloved Maremma landscape to it - we reach the contemporary masters, who represent this sweet and wild land with equal effectiveness , marine, mountain and country.  The exhibition, with free admission, will be open until 8 January 2022. For info: tel. 0564.601259 - - ​​