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In Grosseto the exhibition event: “Oltre il duomo. The well of the underground chamber and its riches"

from 04/06/2019 to 03/05/2020

The exhibition-event 2019/2020 “Oltre il duomo. The well of the underground room and its riches "that runs from Grosseto, Roselle and Alberese from 8 June at 3 may 2020 and extends the act of assembling the archaeological fragments to recompose" unity "even to pieces of city and territory, to reconstitute its identity. The exhibition, organized by the Municipality of Grosseto, is the result of a ten-year project carried out by the Diocese and the Superintendency, which today, thanks to the collaboration of several Bodies, is finally presented to the community. Everything stemmed from the discovery, in 2010, of an underground environment and a water well beneath the Cathedral.

From here the archaeological excavation and the exceptional recovery of a rich and variegated context able to give back precious information on the lifestyle and the daily life of the XV century Grosseto. The project, curated by the architect Barbara Fiorini with the Municipality of Grosseto leader, is shared with the Diocese of Grosseto, the Superintendence of Archeology, Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the provinces of Siena Grosseto Arezzo, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Sapienza University of Pisa, Grosseto Cultura Foundation, the Faculty of Archeology of Siena (branch of Grosseto), the Maremma Speleological Society, the Museum Area of Tuscany, the Maremma Regional Park Authority, ClarisseArte, Tuscan Regional Lands, Promoculture as well as other private partners involved right away in this work.

The place where all the recovered and restored materials will be collected is the Archaeological and Art Museum of the Maremma-Museum of Sacred Art of the Diocese of Grosseto, perfect container for the exposition and narration of all archaeological, faunistic and botanical finds unearthed. The purpose of the exhibition is not only to emphasize the uniqueness of this recovery, but above all to give back to the Community a rich and important context which, after that of the Cassero in the Medicean Fortress and that of the Urban Archeology project, goes to enrich more and with lines still different the traits of a Civitas. The exhibition also develops outside the museum in a path that links different places in the city and the territory. Places. Grosseto: Maremma Archaeological and Art Museum, Cathedral, Hypogeum chamber, The way of wells and cisterns, Museum of Natural History of Maremma, MuseoLab, Garden of Archeology; Roselle: Archaeological Area; Alberese: Park Visitor Center and Abbey of San Rabano (at the Maremma Regional Park). Info and reservations: Maremma Archaeological and Art Museum, tel. 0564488752,