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House Museum of Monticello Amiata - Cinigiano - Il Monte Amiata


Via Grande, 23 - Monticello Amiata


The “Casa Museo di Monticello Amiata”, or “House Museum of Monticello Amiata”, is in a historic building of the old town centre and faithfully recreates a typical nineteenth-century mountain home of the Mount Amiata region. On the entrance floor is the heart of the house, consisting of the kitchen and bedroom with authentic decor and furnishings. Downstairs you can visit the barn, the storehouse and an old animal-powered mill, with a collection of work and agricultural tools that testify to labour in the fields and woods of the area. Adjacent to the House Museum is a cultural centre that runs educational workshops aimed at exploring themes related to the chestnut cycle and production culture, locally and in general. To enrich the visit, you can go follow two nature trails entitled the “Via della Castagna”, or “Chestnut Trail”, and “Via delle Fonti”, or “Trail of the Springs”. In addition, the library and documentary and photographic archives are available to consult at the educational laboratory of the House Museum. Available, finally, are educational workshops and guided tours of the museum and, on request, organized trails of the “Via della Castagna” and “Via delle Fonti”.


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on request


From 1 July 2017 with a single ticket you can access 7 museums

Museum Full ticket * Reduced ticket **
Exhibition section of Centro Studi D. Lazzaretti (Acidosso)*** € 5,00 € 3,00
Art collection of Palazzo Nerucci (Castel del Piano) € 5,00 € 3,00
House Museum of Monticello Amiata (Cinigiano) € 5,00 € 3,00
Ethnographic Museum (Roccalbegna) € 5,00 € 3,00
Mercury Mines Museum (Santa Fiora) € 5,00 € 3,00
Museum of Oil (Seggiano) € 5,00 € 3,00
Mineralogical Museum (Semproniano) € 5,00 € 3,00

 * Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
 ** Can only be used for visiting the museum that issued it and has daily validity;
*** With the same ticket you can also access the museum of the Middle Ages and MACO

a unique ticket is available for visitors throughout the season
and thus until 31/12/2017 for the visit of all the above mentioned museum
facilities under the conditions indicated in the following table.

Unique Ticket of Access to all the museums listed above FULL REDUCED
€ 10,00 € 5,00

REDUCED: young people under the age of 18, 
students under the age of 25, over 65 years, 
families and accompanying people with disabilities.


Director: Luisa Colombini
Info and reservations: 0564/965220    347/1915174




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